Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fall Wish List Part 1 (For the Practical College Student)

Below are the top five items on my fall wish list... these items reflect the latest trends, yet will not put me further into debt... because God knows thats the last thing I need to do!

1. Animal Print. Now, I'm not quite into the whole "Dress like an animal" thing, so instead of outfitting myself in full on animal print attire, I've chosen to accent what I already have with these fun pieces! Not only are they full of flare but they will also keep me warm... thats necessary, right?
H&M (only $6.95!!!)

2. Fitted Blazer. A blazer is not a "wear to work only" item.  A cute fitted blazer can be worn over a loose blouse and jeans or even a tee and shorts.  The best thing about blazers are that they can be dressed up, worn to work, dressed down for class or paired with a sassy pair of skinnies for a night out!



3.  Booties.  Super cute with skinnies, colorful tights, leggings, skirts... need I say more??

Born (

Born (

4.  Skinnies and Leggings.  Cute and comfortable... just make sure they flatter your figure! Higher waisted dark wash skinnies are my go to...

Banana Republic (wait to buy on sale or during their happy hour!)
Zella makes very cute, affordable leggings as well!

 5. Chunky Sweater. Because, who doesn't want to be cozy during hours of studying and class? 

Halogen (Comes in different colors too!)
Quicksilver (On Sale!)

What's on your fall wish list...??

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  1. Okay - so that Quicksilver sweater is amazing. I would totally buy it if I was still living in Denver this fall/winter :( And amen on the blazers Megan! I always say you should invest in a quality black blazer (I personally am a huge fan of Gibson knit blazers) and this J.Crew one looks perfect as well :)

    BTW, LOVE your blog! So excited for you!
    I want to follow along (of course) but don't do the google+ thing. Are you thinking of maybe adding a Facebook or a Bloglovin' account? I would def suggest both. Call or email me if you ever want to chat about this kind of stuff :)