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Welcome to Natural Inspiration!  My name is Megan and I am a college student attempting to live a practical, yet natural, lifestyle.  This blog will include healthy and easy recipes, seasonal fashion reinventions from my closet and sale expeditions and tried and true workouts!  Because this is my first blog, I would appreciate any suggestions to make it more user friendly!  

I am the captain of my Universities Water polo team and have played every sport under the sky.

After I graduate, I've decided to pursue either a PhD in Neuroscience or a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Nutrition.  

I have recently begun the Paleo diet and love it!

I hold to the theory that as long as I do something active during the day, it "counts" as a workout! This includes an evening walk, a run through the forest with a friend, hiking, yoga, playing with my brothers in the pool or doing a Pinterest or Sworkit workout.  

I do not count calories, log my workouts, or hate myself for the occasional chips and salsa binge, but take each day as it comes.    

I love to shop, but I have a very tight budget.  When I do shop I make sure to buy versatile, timeless pieces that will last.  

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