Friday, July 19, 2013

Living la vida loca

Welcome to Natural Inspiration!  My name is Megan and I am a college student attempting to live a practical, yet natural, lifestyle.  We have become so used to the immediacy of day to day life and expect results NOW. Whether trying to lose weight, train for a triathlon or just get through the day without passing out, we expect quick and easy fixes, myself included!  However, when I hit the wall after years of exhausting course work, ignoring my doctors advice to run less due to injuries, and replacing sleep with more coffee I decided to take a step back.  My daily anxiety has subsided (thanks to modern medicine, sleep and less coffee), I've learned that planning ahead and over-scheduling less makes life so much more enjoyable, and that saying no and taking time for ME is necessary and good.  

Rather than pushing myself to get into med school (an extremely unnecessary stressor) I've decided to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience instead.  Through my studies thus far in undergrad I have found that the key to a healthy brain, is a healthy lifestyle.  Reducing inflammation from past cross country injuries was a huge part of becoming healthier and happier. Thus, taking on the paleo lifestyle.  Not only do my hips feel better and I can run again, but I sleep better, remember more and have more energy during the day.  

Another part of my healthy lifestyle is making sure I still enjoy working out.  Dreading the mornings because I "have to" run was horrible for my mental health and ability to get a good nights sleep.  Instead of this awful and unhealthy "healthy" routine, I've taken on the theory that as long as I do something active during the day, it "counts" as a workout! This includes an evening walk with the man, a run through the forest with a friend, hiking, yoga, playing with my brothers in the pool or doing a Pinterest or Sworkit workout.  Putting less pressure on myself in the parts of my life that should be enjoyable has made all the difference.  I do not count calories, log my workouts, or hate myself for the occasional chips and salsa binge, but take each day as it comes.    

The one stressor that I maintain is money, as I love to shop.  As a college student looking towards graduate school, attempting to follow the Paleo lifestyle, and attempting to maintain an up-to-date wardrobe (with an ever fluctuating body shape), I've realized that budgeting can be tough on a part time minimum wage salary, but doable.  When bills, food, tuition and the occasional night out with friends or the man add up, there's not much left to hit the racks with.  So, rather than folding under the pressure of Vogue and In Style to refresh my wardrobe each season with designer fashions, I've learned to reinvent.  When I do shop I make sure to buy versatile, timeless pieces that will last.  

This blog will include healthy and easy recipes, seasonal fashion reinventions from my closet and sale expeditions and tried and true workouts!  Because this is my first blog, I would appreciate any suggestions to make it more user friendly!  

To begin, here are my go-to websites:   

Nom Nom Paleo (Lots of awesome recipes, weekly shopping lists and the theory behind the lifestyle)

Practical yet Beautiful Fashion ("Marionberry" is a true inspiration. She just had a baby and looks amazing!!! Not to mention her incredible fashion sense...)

"When you love what you have, you have everything you need"

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  1. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. I am so happy for you darling, everything you are doing sounds great. I look forward to future blogs. :)