Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Casual Friday... a Few Days Early

Professors may as well call Exam days, "You will be so exhausted putting clothes on in the morning will be a struggle" days. Due to this eloquent translation I decided that today's outfit needed to be comfortable, but not so comfy that I would fall asleep during the exam.  

Scarf- Target
Sweater- Bobeau (It's fleece lined!!)
I purposefully wore an outfit that would work with an up-do... scarves are practically like wearing your hair down, right?

Leggings- Zella
Shirt- Jcrew (Basic V-neck)

 Boots with leggings pull the whole outfit together and make it look less like your wearing "comfy" clothes and more like you actually thought about your outfit before you put it on!

Boots- Frye

Booties would look adorable with this as well! What do your comfy days look like?

Bisoux- Meg

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