Monday, September 9, 2013

Nice and Simple: Neutrals

As strange as this sounds, today's outfit was inspired by a moth I saw on my bathroom cabinet this morning.  It had a beautiful pattern of neutrals... browns, black, tan, white all just mixed together on it's   perfectly camouflaged wings.  In solidarity with this little visitor I chose an outfit full of neutrals!  Notice how my sweater is even a little wing-like? :) 

Cropped Jeans- Joe's
Tank Top- Halogen/ JCrew
Sweater- Bobeau
Shoes- Toms
Now usually, I would be tempted to add a splash of color somewhere... it was very difficult to restrain this urge! If you really can't restrain yourself add a bright lipstick (pinks are still neutral!) or a colorful piece of jewelry.

Playing down an outfit with neutrals can be an opportunity to highlight your natural beauty! 

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