Saturday, July 20, 2013

Short and Sweet

Today is the moment of truth.  In a few minutes I will begin my first GRE practice exam... timed and everything! I have been preparing for this exam for the past two months (not to mention the past 8 years of my education) and now it's time to see if all the hard work has paid off!!

To prepare myself for this 4 hour endeavor, I began my morning with a 4 miler with my running buddy Hailey after a good nights sleep, a long hot shower, a tasty breakfast consisting of a grapefruit, plain greek yogurt with honey and a nice big bottle of water.  The coffee was put on the wayside for the time being so that I don't get too antsy during the exam.

In order to get through the exam without falling asleep I plan on rewarding myself with small pieces of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's, something I have found to be very necessary when working through hours of homework or studying.  Dark chocolate is one of those sweets that, as long it's eaten in moderation, you do not have to feel guilty about consuming.

For more information on the benefits of dark chocolate visit:
This article provides some information of the preliminary research done to determine the specific health benefits of cocoa, although the information has not been peer reviewed and therefore cannot be considered completely accurate (although I'd like to believe it is :).

Now off to that practice test and then some time with friends floating the river! Dark chocolate can't be my only reward...

"Taking time to live life will only inspire your work" 


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