Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Basics

What better way to spend a sunday afternoon than by drinking a honey sweetened iced coffee at Sister's Cafe with a friend?  What made it even better was sitting outside in the sun for some fresh Oregon air and vitamin D (which we never seem to get enough of!).  

For a cool in the morning, hot in the afternoon kind of day, a blousy shirt (Banana Republic) and skirt (Gap) were a must.  Because the skirt is so unique on its own, it pairs well with basics (which made my morning especially easy!).    

When shopping for unique pieces I find the best ones are those that go with basics, are comfortable, and are on sale. I am very much the typical jeans, t-shirt and a zippie kind of girl during the school week, so I know that my more "unique" pieces are often only worn on the weekends or if by the grace of God I wake up on time for class, work, etc. So, why spend a fortune on something you're only going to end up wearing once or twice a month? Save the splurges for things that you need and will last... a good rain coat (a necessity in the pacific northwest), versatile purse, or a good pair of boots.

Trying to stay up on the latest fashion fads is exhausting and expensive, so rather than draining your bank account and energy, here are a few pieces of advice:

1.  Shop End of the Season sales.  The unique pieces are often the ones that end up on clearance racks... snag a fun piece then rather than for full price a few weeks earlier (you can wait!!!)

2.   Buy a unique piece that goes with and refreshes your wardrobe.  In any case, make sure the piece is not too unique that you will have to buy tops, sweaters, accessories, etc. to go with the piece.

3.  If the piece you are trying on is only comfortable on "skinny" days, it is going to get shoved to the back of the closet.  For skirts, I often end up with the high waisted A-lines because they are flattering, comfortable and timeless for any day of the week.  Mid-length skirts/dresses tend to be my go-tos due to their versatility in any occasion; Throw on a pair of tights for a work event or presentation and heels to go out for happy hour with the girls.

4.  If you already have a unique piece and can't figure out what to wear with it, go for the basics.  Let the piece stand on its own! If you reallyreallyreally feel the need to add a little umph to your outfit add a scarf around your neck or tied to your purse (great way to incorporate the season's IN colors!) or some fun jewelry.  Scarves and fashion jewelry do not need to be top brand pieces... most of my scarves and accessories were found draped over sale racks or at saturday markets!

Great sales of the moment (with lots of basics and refreshers):
Great A-lines and Basic knits! at JCrew
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale... lots and lots of great deals to be had here for fall, winter, you name it!
30% off at Gap and Banana Republic- again for lots of basics... I live in their knits year round!
Great deals on outdoorsy clothes- If you wait another month, they have an awesome back to school sale!

"Why must I have a reason to dress up?"- Audrey Hepburn

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